Sep 14
Sep 14
X Spaces: Navigating University Education and Job Prospects in Africa

Join us on 14th September 2023, for an exciting X Space event being organised by Education Sub Saharan Africa (ESSA).


14 September 2023  |  3.00–4.30pm GMT


X Spaces (formerly known as Twitter Spaces)


The event focuses on a conversation about education and job prospects for Africa's young people. In this virtual gathering, we will unveil impactful insights from two reports that capture the voices of young people regarding education and employment.

Why Attend?

  • Dive into authoritative reports, learning insights into university education and job prospects, arming you with valuable knowledge. 

  • Join thought-provoking dialogues with experts shaping Africa's education and employment scene. 

  • Connect with like-minded young Africans to co-create the future of education and employment.  


  • Young Africans aspiring for quality education and meaningful employment opportunities. 

  • Educators, policymakers, and industry employers committed to advancing young people's prospects. 

  • Journalists and influencers focused on education and youth development in Africa. 

    Please contact for any questions.

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