Laté Lawson Senior Research Manager (Data)

Laté Lawson, Senior Research Manager (AERD)

Laté Lawson Senior Research Manager (Data)


Laté currently serves as the Senior Research Manager (Data) at Education Sub Saharan Africa (ESSA).

Prior to joining ESSA, he held the position of Research Associate at the Bureau of Economic Theory and Application - BETA in France. Laté's research expertise encompasses diverse areas such as Environmental and Resources Economics, Applied Statistics, and Education. In the field of education, Laté's work focuses on enhancing tertiary education opportunities for disadvantaged groups such as refugees, addressing gender inequality in education, and assessing the school-to-work transition. He is currently engaged in research programmes that aim to comprehend the education data ecosystem in Sub-Saharan African countries. 

Laté holds Master’s Degrees in both Economics and Statistics-Econometrics and a PhD in Economics from the University of Strasbourg.


Laté Lawson
Laté Lawson Senior Research Manager (Data)