Get Involved

There are many ways to get involved with ESSA. Take a look and see what suits you best.



If you’d like to help us financially you can do this either through donating directly through our JustGiving page or contacting

As a Partner

As a Partner

As you can see ESSA has a number of vibrant partnerships in and outside of Africa with a broad range of high quality organisations. If you’d like to explore the possibility of your organisation joining this growing group of people working together to achieve real and lasting change let us know.

Skills and Time

Skills and Time


If there is something we are doing that you would like to help out with on a voluntary basis let us know what it is, how you might be able to help and why you think you’ll be a great volunteer.


Your current organisation may like to help us by helping you or a colleague come on secondment to ESSA to accelerate a piece of work that we are doing. If so, simply get in touch with us for an exploratory conversation 


It’s early days but we are building up a small group of high quality advisors to help us in a range of ESSA projects and in building ESSA’s own core capabilities. If you think you may be able to help us let us know. 


One of our first pieces of work is to transform the visibility and accessibility of research conducted by Africans on Education in the region. If you know of some research or are working on some research yourself which you think might be interesting to us and others let us know.

Ideas / Work

Ideas / Your Work

"Let us know your thoughts and what you are doing".

These may relate to one of the existing aspects of our work or be something new. For example you may have done some work on a topic we are working on which you think will be of interest to one of our communities and want to share it.

Alternatively you may have a brand new idea or different way of looking at something you want to share. 

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