02 May, 2023

The Broken Spiderweb Web: Navigating the Complex Education Data Ecosystem in Cameroon

In a recent Unlocking Data article, Rigobert Pambe, Deputy Lead of Programs, Effective Basic Services (eBASE) Africa, explores the challenges and opportunities of navigating Cameroon's educational data ecosystem.

Cameroon adopted the "National Development Strategy 2020-2030" in November 2020 as a foundation for its development initiatives over the following ten years, making education a crucial pillar for the country's progress.

Over 77% of children have low learning outcomes, despite tremendous progress in extending access to education, raising serious concerns about issues related to quality and equity.

Unlocking education data can give important insight into the difficulties the educational system faces and can guide policy and practices for the best ways to address these difficulties and raise achievement.

However, given the nation's intricate educational system and its wide array of institutions, programs, and data sources, this is a highly challenging undertaking. How can the vast amount of data accessible be understood?

Rigobert explores the challenges and opportunities of navigating Cameroon’s educational data ecosystem. He builds on the assumption that by understanding the connections between the key players, data sources, and tools available, informed decisions can be made to drive positive change in education.

Access the full article here to gain a better understanding of how to navigate Cameroon’s educational data ecosystem and use data to improve educational outcomes.




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