20 Jul, 2023

NORRAG's Special Issue Shines Spotlight on ESSA's Employability Project 

NORRAG's Special Issue 08

NORRAG has released its latest Special Issue, which features a research paper from a recent project on employability conducted by Education Sub Saharan Africa (ESSA) in partnership with The Education Collaborative at Ashesi University (Ghana) and Kepler University in Rwanda, with financial support from Dubai Cares.

The Issue, titled 'The Education-Training-Work Continuums: Pathways to Socio-Professional Inclusion for Youth and Adults,' was published in collaboration with the International Labour Organization. 

The 8th NORRAG Special Issue focuses on the existing discontinuities between education, training, and decent work, which perpetuate exclusions for marginalized groups. The authors advocate for treating these fields as a continuum to enhance inclusion for all. 

Turn to page 80 to find insights presented in the paper titled 'The Role of Career Services in Tertiary Students' Transition to Employment: Voices from Africa.' Drawing on qualitative data from East and West Africa, ESSA and its partners shed light on how career services can improve tertiary students' employability. By providing guidance, integrating skills development, and fostering collaboration between institutions, employers, and alumni, students' chances of gaining employment are significantly improved. 

NORRAG's Special Issue coincides with ESSA's latest report, ‘What Next? Enhancing African Students' Transition to Employment through Effective Career Services.’ The report was produced in partnership with The Education Collaborative at Ashesi University and Kepler University in Rwanda, with support from Dubai Cares. It offers valuable insights and recommendations to bridge the education-to-employment gap. 

The Employability report was co-authored by Samuel Asare, PhDPauline Essah, PhDJennifer N. Udeh, Eng.D.Akua AmpahWilliam AnnohFrancis A. GatsiRichard Cliff Ekumah and PIERRE CLAVER HABIMANA.

Let us join up to create a sustainable talent pipeline for African youth. Get your copy of NORRAG's Special Issue now!  


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