26 Jul, 2023

ESSA's 2021/22 Report Unveils Remarkable Progress

Education Sub Saharan Africa (ESSA) proudly presents its annual report, revealing remarkable progress in 2021/22.

ESSA's 2021/22 Report

Education Sub Saharan Africa (ESSA) proudly presents its annual report, revealing remarkable progress in 2021/22 towards high-quality education, that enables young people to achieve their ambitions and strengthen societies. 

Building on its visionary 2021-2026 Strategic Plan, ESSA has expanded its impact, influence, and capabilities, bolstering its financial position. With an ambitious vision to benefit 1.4 million students across 500 universities by 2026, ESSA transforms research into actionable solutions through collaborative efforts. 

We extend sincere appreciation to our funders and partners, whose crucial support has fuelled our organisation's growth. The dedication and expertise of the ESSA team have been instrumental in achieving these remarkable milestones. 

A standout moment of 2021/22 was ESSA's official registration in Ghana. This milestone has deepened partnerships, amplified our profile, and engaged key stakeholders, empowering positive change. 

We take pride in celebrating our growth, marked by the announcement of six strategic partnerships, including influential partners like Imaginable Futures and the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. These collaborations magnify our impact and inspire transformative advancements. 

The successful completion of our transformative partnership with Dubai Cares has ignited crucial work in employability, female leadership, and faculty challenges, positioning ESSA as a true catalyst for positive change. 

For a comprehensive understanding of our accomplishments, we invite you to explore the annual report. Enjoy the read! 

Download the report here


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