Enhancing Education Research in Africa (EERA)


EERA addresses the unique funding challenges faced by African researchers and institutions.

Recognising these challenges, a consortium of funders (Echidna Giving, Imaginable Futures, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, and Porticus) partnered to host the first-ever Forum for Education Research in/for/by Africa. This Forum provided a platform for the Africa-based education research community to discuss, share, and exchange ideas. It also facilitated the co-design of a set of principles aimed at informing how funders can redirect resources to support quality education research in the region.

The findings from the Forum align to the evidence from the African Education Research Database (AERD), a collaboration between Education Sub Saharan Africa (ESSA) and the REAL Centre at the University of Cambridge. A conference, jointly hosted by ESSA and the REAL Centre in June 2021, brought together researchers and funders to explore pathways for advancing African-led research.

Addressing this challenge, ESSA and the Southern Hemisphere (SH) are implementing an inclusive design process. This process empowers the Africa-based research community by providing them with the opportunity to identify what is necessary to establish a robust and sustainable African education research ecosystem. Building upon existing knowledge and leveraging ongoing and relevant initiatives in the region, this process aims to create a solid foundation. This project is funded by Echidna Giving, Imaginable Futures and the Jacobs Foundation.


The primary purpose of this design process is to determine the prerequisites for establishing a strong and sustainable African education research system, led by African researchers and supported by locally generated evidence that can be used both locally and internationally to enhance education.

This comprehensive process is set to unfold over 18 months (from June 2023 to November 2024), covering East Africa, West Africa, and Southern Africa.


  •  An inclusive process with clearly defined mechanisms aimed at actively and intentionally involving Africa-based researchers, practitioners, and decision-makers in shaping the next steps.

  • A persuasive and authoritative document containing a collection of proposals that funders can utilise for advocacy purposes.

Steering Group Members

Meet the experts behind our steering group, ensuring smart and effective use of funds for the EERA project. Here are their names:

Together, they work to strengthen the field of education research in Africa.

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