11 Dec, 2023

Executive Summary: A Situational Analysis on the State of the Education Research Field in Africa

This executive summary offers education stakeholders the key findings resulting from an analysis of the education research field in Africa. This study, conducted by ESSA and Southern Hemisphere, incorporates data collected in East, West, Southern and Central African countries through a literature review, key informant interviews, and in-person consultations in different education research events on the continent.

This document provides insights into the African education research landscape, contributing to the EERA project through a situational analysis that uses the Field-Building Framework (Bridgespan 2020).

In so doing, the document covers five aspects, namely the Knowledge Base, Funding, Field-level Research Agenda, Actors, and Infrastructure. It offers lessons from existing literature, insights from qualitative data, and an assessment of Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats.

Financial support was provided by Echidna Giving, Imaginable Futures and the Jacobs Foundation.

Download the report here

For further information, please contact the team Leader for EERA, Dena Lomofsky, (dena@southernhemisphere.co.za), or the Project Sponsor Dr Lucy Heady, (lucy@essa-africa.org).


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